So it’s assignment 3 with Project 52. This time, our assignment is about “tear sheets” . A tear sheet is a set of images or ideas that get you inspired – maybe a landscape, lighting ideas, fashion etc. Think of it like Pinterest.

A tear sheet is used to provide you with ideas and you can also use a tear sheet to dissect how an image was done and try to emulate it. What a tear sheet is not about is copying images. As photographers, we have to make sure that we don’t copy an image but rather use it to make your own image – having your own style.

Being a Toronto wedding photographer and Mississauga portrait photographer, it’s easy for me to have a tear sheet that revolves around wedding photography, senior portrait photography, fashion photography etc. However, just like what I said on my previous post; I joined the Project 52 group to broaden my know-how in photography – especially commercial product photography. Thus, I’ve decided to focus on food photography for inspiration. Lighting people and creating drama on my images is a lot easier for me than lighting food and making it appealing. So this assignment is really a challenge for me – see below … I must admit, compared to my tear sheet; my food photography is not at par.

It will take a lot of practice for me to reach the level where I want my food photography to be. I love hard work and I know through constant practice and perseverance it will definitely pay off.

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