This is my third week with Project 52. If you are not yet familiar by now what Project 52 is, it is an online photography forum initiated by commercial photographer Don Giannatti. Project 52’s focus is into commercial photography or product / food photography. Every week Don, give out assignments for us to accomplish and at the end of each week cycle – he will provide insightful critiques and suggestions on the images submitted. The way he critique images inspires you to become a better photographer.

For this week, our assignment is “Recipe Ingredients”. So the challenge this time is to think of a simple recipe and photograph the ingredients that will make that recipe and provide the instructions on how to make the recipe. This is not a photograph of a finished product but rather a photograph of the raw ingredients. For example, guacamole – you will photograph avocadoes, tomatoes/tomatillo, red onion etc…You must photograph them collectively not individually.

My submission for this challenge is a simple steak meal with mushrooms. See image.

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Commercial / product photography is a totally different world or genre. It is totally different than being a Toronto wedding photographer or Mississauga wedding photographer. It is more meticulous a process than weddings, portraits or events. However, with that being said, since I wanted to evolve into this genre – I embrace the challenge. As in all types of photography… All you need is practice, practice and more practice.


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