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Aside from being a Toronto wedding photographer and Mississauga wedding photographer, I also do portrait photography and pet photography. I just don’t advertise it as much as my core business which is wedding photography.

Photographing pets can be both challenging and fun. Each pet (especially dogs) have their own personality – so either I would provide them with treats or toys to get their attention for a few seconds to get the shots that I need.

Puppies are the most desirable subjects to photograph because they are cute, cuddly and adorable. Photographing them can take time and very unpredictable, however on the flip side, you’ll get a ton of cutesy images to sell – they are the money shots :).

Older dogs are better to photograph especially if they are trained to follow commands. You can dress them up and let them stay on a spot at your or client’s command and take those beautiful portraits.

By the way, the image above is my boy -Rocky … he’s 6 years old and a playful dog so getting this image of him is “challenging”.  Had to take a few tries before nailing some nice shots of him.




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