This is in no way a rant. Let me make that loud and clear.

There is this notion that you are a real photographer if you have the latest and a greatest camera gear. Or that if you have the latest dSLRs – that somehow you will always capture a great picture. I think this is mainly due to the consumerism of products right now. Manufacturers often times bombard you with all the great things their products can do – and comparing their products against a competitor.

I’ve been asked a ton of times by clients – so what type of camera do you use?  Not that I hate being asked this question, but people should know that a camera is just A TOOL. A tool to create an image. Similarly to a carpenter – do you ask them this question – so “what brand or kind of drill do you use?” – and if he says a brand or a type that is not familiar to you, will you then say “OMG, he’s using an unknown brand, he might not do a great job” .

So a camera is a tool to create great images. However, you need to know how to properly use this great tool. And let me make it clear, when I say “to use it properly…” I don’t mean for you to use “automatic setting” – you are doing the camera a disservice. “To use it properly…” means knowing what your camera can really do beyond “automatic” – you must also know the relationship between, shutter speed, aperture and ISO . Quoting a very well-known wedding photographer “you must know the difference between an f-stop and a bus stop” .

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Back to “what camera do you use?” Using my poker face, I would sometimes inform my clients that I just use an Iphone or a Blackberry (just like the one above) if I don’t have my point and shoot with me. And it is funny how they react after hearing that. Of course, after about 5 seconds of awkward silence, I tell them what camera I use but letting them know that it is just a TOOL and not be hung up on it.


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